Thursday, July 9, 2009

Characters In Time and Diablero

To hear David Taylor's vocals you can check out DRIVE tracks at


  1. As a metal fan, I hesitantly picked up Diablero when it was released, pre-internet and without any reviews or samples, I wasn't sure what I was getting. It surpassed my wildest expectations as a really great, and one of the most underrated metal albums of all time. With David's incredibly emotive vocals, it purveyed not only pure, soaring metal glory, with incredible passion, but it also included fresh influences and ideas that made it truly unique.

    While I didn't know the band personally, nor see them live, their music and David's singing will never be forgotten, as their greatest songs like, "An Eagle Soars", "Remember", and "Phoenix..." are forever etched in my brain and soul.

    Rest in peace metal brother, and thank you for all the glory your art brought our lives. "Doesn't anyone remember?" Yes we do!

    "And I know that some day I will die
    But a man who feels knows
    His song will forever rise!"

  2. Wow,D.T. About a year since I promised to take your testimony around the world. I never knew you as a rock star. You were the guy who carried my groceries in. You even tried to put them away. Then Sunday morning you rode to church with us. The world never got to know the David Taylor who gave his life to Christ on Father's Day, and neither did I. You were gone too fast...but it wasn't too late. It never is with Jesus. Hope I meet your band someday. I never heard you sing, and you never knew you inspired me with your life and who you were. I still mean it, D.T. I will take your testimony around the world and tell a generation that it's never too late for Jesus to save someone. You gave your life to Christ the day before the wreck. This blog is a part of that promise. Thank you for the music I heard you play, kindness, generosity, loyalty and courage.